These are not the 2014 resolutions you’re looking for

This coming year, there won’t be any new year’s resolutions for me. Oh, I’ll probably start trying to eat better, and maybe try to lose a few pounds, because let’s face it, I need to do that regardless. Be a better husband and father? I like to think any man (myself especially) would strive to do that every single day, resolution or no. But resolutions make me nervous, and I’m not going for any of it.

Working on a novel this past November taught me something very important: I don’t really like writing. At least not long form. But I absolutely adore stories, and more than any other creative pursuit, I truly want to devote myself more fully to my illustrations and art.

That’s why in 2014, the biggest thing I want to accomplish is being able to focus on more of these kinds of creative projects, and work to improve my craft of drawing and story writing. Daily, if at all possible. One of the ways in which I plan to do that will be by working on an awesome weekly project that I hope to unveil sometime in early January. It will be a fun and (potentially) interesting project that I hope will push my art and writing skills to their maximum, and allow me to improve both throughout the year. Then, I can eventually move on to even more interesting projects I have nestled inside the stubborn folds of my brain, and each one will end up looking better than the one that preceded it.

At least, that’s the idea.

Okay, fine. Maybe just ONE resolution. “I resolve to play more Skyrim.” There. That one’s already in the bag.