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Spiritfarer [Android]

Fire Emblem Engage [Switch]

Golden Sun: The Lost Age [GBA]

Golden Sun [GBA]

Child of Light [Luna]

Assassin [Luna]

Terra Nil [Android]

Recently Finished

Darksiders Genesis [Stadia]

Carrion: Greatest Time of Year [Luna]

Outriders [Stadia]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land [Switch]

Carrion [Luna]

Recent Favorite Tabletop Games

Azul [Board game]

Above and Below [Board game]

Wyrmspan [Board game]

Point City [Card game]

Wingspan [Board game]

Recent Kickstarters

Vicious Gardens [Board game]

Point City [Card game]

Deep Dive [Board game]

Obojima: Tales from the Tall Grass [TTRPG game]

Into the Motherlands [TTRPG game]

Tak [Board game]

Robot Quest Arena [Board game]

Dustbiters [Card game]